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Pictures from Italy, some little stories about them



Map San Angelo
I've heard that San Angelo is the eldest church of Perugia. For me it's one of the nicest churches I've ever seen. I've been there a dozen times and I've seen very few persons. It's situated in the north near the wall of the city.
San Angelo
Map Centro Every day at 19.00 h (if it's not raining) all Perugini which can walk come to Corso Vannucci, the centre of Perugia. The crowd moves to the dome and back to Piazza Italia or viceversa, friends meet, they talk, someone eats icecream. Later, those who are out for dinner, go to their bar and drink some aperitivo. And so on. (I stood at the central x).
Via Vannucci Another nice place a little besides (the higher x on the left). Fonte


Map Firenze Perugia Gubbio (the x up in the right) is famous for "La Festa dei Ceri". The mainplace is upon the construction we see.


Here we are upon the piazza and in front we see "Il Palazzo del Capitano". The door is marvellous.



 Map Umbria There is no need to say anything about Orvieto. But this nice lake in the northwest is not that easy to find.

Lago vicino a Orvieto

Orvieto is built upon a great rock. "Le mura" (the walls of the city in Italian) are placed upon it and sometimes it is difficult to see what is the rock and what is the wall.

Le Mura di Orvieto

A dome known to all the world.

Il Duomo di Orvieto

I took these fotos in 1988 when I stayed for a month at Perugia and partecipated in a course for the Italian language at the "Università Italiana per gli Stranieri". It was really a great time. We had from 4 to 6 hours of lessons a day and the rest of the day was free. As I took this course rather seriously as preparation for living in Italy, I studied a little bit more than the young students, but had still a lot of free time. During the weekends we went around in the country, visiting famous and also unkown places. There are many more fotos but I put here some of which I think, that they aren't like those which we can see in every book and fotoalbum.

6. Juni 1997