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Pictures from Italy, some little stories about them


Map Torino Casa

Map Ulzio Casa

Casa Ulzio

This is our house in the mountains. On the 1. map You can see it together with Torino and You get an idea of where in the mountains it is. The 2. map shows Ulzio (Oulx) in the high part and the cross indicates our house. Three girls are renting it since more than 10 years and other 6 to 8 persons take part of the comunity. It is humid and cold (made of stone) but in the summer, when the Torinesi are dying of heat and humidity, it is the nicest place in the world.

Map Chaberton

The Chaberton is with his west side in France and east side in Italy. You start in France only a few meters behind the border. It is more than 3100 meters high and we started at 6:00, because we did not want to be in the sun at noon. It takes about 3,5 hours to climb it. As it is the highest mountain of the zone, there are many people on the way. But we succeded and found a minute when there was none near to me to take this picture. A very boring fact is, that many offroadbikers come on the mountain, disturbe those, which are looking for the nature and destroy the way. They don't care that it is forbidden and if the police gets one, it costs about 100.000 Lit.
WS - Chaberton

It is 11 o'clock on a day in Juli 93 and there are many clouds. But a strong wind is blowing and it is as cold as if it was Dezember. As You see, the top of the Chaberton is a plateau. I heard the following story: During the 2. worldwar the Italians made the top plain and put some cannons there. After they had finished the work the French arrived, defeated the Italians and occupied the mountain. It is said, that they waited untill the other side had finished the work.
Here is a foto of some friends. We are out in a valley near to our house and had some bread and wine. During the week, there are few people in the mountains. During the weekends in winter and summer, there are thousands of Italians and tourist from other european countries - many British and Netherlands. Amiche

6. Juni 1997