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Pictures from Italy, some little stories about them


All the fotos on this page were made on August, 15th 1989. This day is called "Ferragosto" and is a freeday. 99 percent of the Italians are on tour out in the country for a picknick or a barbequeue and the cities are deserted. It is the only day of the year when it is possible to stand in the middle of a mainstreet of Torino without risking ones life and to take fotos without cars.

During those nearly four years at Torino, I got to know a lot of people. Maybe the most impressioning was a group of young italians, which understand, that the public (i.e. the state, the cathlic church) do not have the capacities to fight against the hunger in the world. They founded a christian movement and give help to many, many children, to the poor, to the victims of war in all the world. They receive gifts and contributions from many normal people, from companies to do their voluntary job. If You want to know something about them, follow the link http://www.alma.it/solidarieta/Sermig/. You will arrive at the homepage of "SERMIG - Servizio Missionario Giovani" nella "Arsenale della Pace". They help those, which need help urgently, mainly the children in all the world: In Brasil, Sarajevo, Iraq etc. If You understand the Italian language, Go there and have a look!

Castello di fronte

Castello di dietro

We start our little trip at "Piazza di Castello". In the middle of this place we see a castle, which has two faces. Its story is unknown to me. There is one car which stands for the thousands and thousands which normally pass here.

Palazzo Reale

Giardino Reale
Here is the Royal Palace. In the high left corner of the foto we see a little part of the Dome, where for many years one of the most important reliquies of Christianity was kept. In the beginning of April 97 parts of the dome and the palace burned (the day I'm writing this, the why is still a mistery) and only with a lot of luck the firemen could save the reliquie.
Centro di Torino Only 50 passes away southwest of "Piazza di Castello" I took this one. The name of the street is Via P. Micca and I am right in the middle of the street, an incredible thing. This is the typical stile of the houses in the centre of Torino. They must be from the last century.
Piazza Carlo Felice "Piazza San Carlo" is half way from "Piazza Castello" to "Porta Nuova", the mainstation of Torino, where our trip will end. "Via Roma", the most expensive street of Torino passes this place. Following this street You will not be wet, even with the strongest rain. On both sides the boardwalks are under archades.
Porta Nuova Here we are: "Porta Nuova", the mainstation of Torino, a very important building of this city.
Via Roma Porta Nuova From some distance we can see it in the centre of the picture behind the fountain on "Piazza Carlo Felice".
Via Roma Piazza Castello We look back to "Via Roma", all the way we walked. Wide places like this green one are a very common thing to Torino. The city was deep asleep untill the end of the 2. worldwar and space was not an expensive thing. The streets are broad as places, there is a special construction named "controviale", what means, that there are small streets on both sides, devided from the mainstreet which have 4 or more drives. But all this place - the broad streets and places - does not help with that intensive traffic, with cars going as fast as possible. When I arrived at Torino in January 1989, I really feared it. Then, with the passing of the months, I knew my way better and drove nearly the same way the Torinesi do. A red streetlight is a warning but You stop only, when the crossing traffic is too heavy.
Superga After my trip through the centre of Torino, I wanted to see the city from above. Only that there was the typical industrial summer smog over it. So I could not take any picture. Instead of it I photographed the basilica which is called "Superga". Many Torinesi come here to use the green behind and around it for a picknick. All the time I came here it was still under construction.
It is also a very sad place because an airplane crashed near here in the 50ies and the whole Italian National Soccer Team died in that incident.

6. Juni 1997