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Pictures from Italy, some little stories about them



Map Siena
This tower is surely one of the most famous motives for the tourists in Siena. I had some problems to find the right place to take this photo. With my little camera it is not so easy. It does every thing and I can only choose zoom or not. Considering this I am rather proud of this picture.
We see the building of the oldest bank of the world: "Monte Paschi di Siena". It is the day of the "Palio" and the whole town is made out for this great day. No history - it is to much. Monte Paschi di Siena
For those who have not been there or seen the pictures in TV here is a photo of the "Campo", the central place where the Palio takes place (in about 3 hours). The atmosphere is incredible, the Campo is overcrowded and in reality, those who stand in the crowd nearly can't see anything. Palio
Another point: It was the second Palio of August 13th, the winner was the horse of "La Contrade del'Aquila" (Eagle) and on the right You can see its flag. L'Aquila


Map Lucca

From Lucca there came a lot of famous artists. Maybe all of You know Giacomo Puccini, one of the great composers of the Italian opera of the last century.
Lucca is a town near Pisa (You know the Tower, the »Torre Guinigi« don't You?). The wall around the town is so broad that it was possible to build a real street on it. This tower with the tree on its top impressed me very much. There is little space around it and while I made this photo I could not be sure that I would succeed.

Torre albero

This place is surrounded by houses and we happended to find it. From outside one has no idea of it.

Piazza nascosta

San Galgano near Monticiano

Map Umbria This ruin is very impressing. It is a strange feeling walking inside these high walls with the blue sky above the head.

Abbazia di San Galgano

In a house near by this sword in a rock (the translation of "Spada nella Roccia" how it is called) is exposed under glass. So I bought this card as I knew, that a photo would never be as clear (through the glass) as this one. There is a legend about it, but I do not remember it.

La Spada nella Roccia

Then while a friend and I were waiting for the other members of our group of friends, I heard a great concert of animal music. I looked around and after some minutes a saw this little water and I knew, it were the frogs, that did the concert.


Il Parco dell'Uccellina

Map Toscana Just in the south of Grosseto in the plains along the seashore there is a great park. Buffalos and horses run free in a closed part - people may not enter but the rest of the park is free for walking. We, a group of Italians from Torino and me, German, are a little bit away from the tourist centers of the Toscana and got here, because Marco, a good friend of mine in this group of Torinesi has some friends in this zone of Grosseto.

Il Parco dell'Uccellina

In Tuscany I have been many times, alone, with German and Italian friends. Every time I was in Siena, but only one time it happened to be the day of the Palio. That was in 1988, when I stayed at Perugia.
I hope You enjoy my pictures..

6. Juni 1997