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Your're Giving Your Best

It's not the physical pain you feel,
But in your heart, it's just as real.
The tears may stop, but the pain is bad.
Though you'll smile, your heart is sad.
It's hard to admit, but you know it's true,
You're doing as much as you can do.
You clean the messes on the rug,
You give encouragement with a gentle hug.
You dress and fed the one you love.
You pray for strength from God above.
You fought the illness the best you could,
You did the things you thought you should.
You wonder about the road you'll take,
And second guess the choices you make.
You're tired, but you can't sleep at night,
You ask yourself, Am I doing what's right?
My friend, if I may, give your heart a rest.
I'm sure God knows you're giving your best.

© 1999, Jerry Ham

e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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