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Listmates, I was thinking about when my wife took some pictures of my mother and me together last month. They were the first pictures I had had taken of just mom and me for several years. When we got them developed, I was struck by one picture of mom and me in particular. It showed her looking in my direction and both of us were laughing. I'm sure that we were laughing about different things, but the memory of that moment prompted me to write this.
Hope you like it.

We Laughed Together

We laughed together, my mother and I,
As we looked at each other, eye to eye.
Her laughter was good for me to hear,
I thought it much better than seeing her tears.
Her laugh warmed the heart of me, her boy,
And brought to my spirit a little joy.
Her laughter wasn't due to something I'd said,
But some distant memory locked up in her head.
That didn't matter, for I had seen her smile,
And I knew she was happy at least for a while.
As we looked at each other, eye to eye,
We laughed together, my mother and I.

© 1998, Jerry Ham
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