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How many of us are faced with this question from our loved ones be they a parent, grandparent or other relative? I never was able to come up with an answer that would relieve the fear and concern of my mother.

Who are You?

I said, Good morning. And she asked, Who are you?
I still thought it strange, after all we'd been through.
This dearly loved woman had stood by me for years.
But now she was frightened and wept bitter tears.
Just one day before, she had called me by name,
Now though, I knew, things would not be the same.
I tied her shoes and then helped her stand.
Let's get some coffee. I took hold of her hands.
Like a small fragile child, there before me she stood
Our lives had now changed, it was not for the good.
Who are you? She asked, And why are you here?
I searched for an answer that could help calm her fears.
From a parent to a child, the road she now traveled.
I could but watch as her memory unraveled.
I thought of my childhood, the love that she gave.
My silent prayer was, God, help me be brave.
She could not understand, and I saw now the truth,
The answer I gave when she asked, Who are you?

© 1998, Jerry Ham
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