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Listmates, please don't shoot me, but here I go again. :-) I got to thinking today about the caregiver pins and how they have been so well received by so many people. Then the question struck me, what do we really mean by that phrase? This is my response to that question.

We Do It For Love

We do it for love, is it words or much more?
Is it cleaning the house, those kinds of chores?
Some days it feels like it's all just a dream,
This can't be happening; at least so it seems.
Then comes the mess, and ugh, it's quite real.
We make the bed, and yes, cook the meals.
We feed our loved ones, and then wipe their chins,
And for that we might get a swift kick in the shin.
We do it for Love, just what does it mean?
There's really more to it, than all of these things.
It may be as simple as just being there,
Holding them close and showing we care.
Just brushing their hair, can bring a big smile,
The first one they've shown for quite a long while.
We do it for love, can mean taking their hand,
And ever so gently, then we help them stand.
We stay right beside them and walk arm in arm.
We may even fall captive to their child-like charm.
Maybe all we can do is just sit there and cry,
And hold on to their hand as we say good-bye.
Why do we do it, why should we play a part?
We do it for love, means we share from our heart.

©1998, Jerry Ham
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