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This Unseen Enemy

She was bright, and smart, and so full of life.
She loved her role as mother and wife.
Two girls, three boys, five children she reared,
She taught them to laugh, to love and to care.
She showed them that love was not to be earned,
But given freely even when they got burned.
They told themselves that she'd always be there.
Their joys and triumphs and sorrows to share.
But then a stranger showed up one day,
Unbeknownst to them, it decided to stay.
It made no announcements to let them know,
That it would bring them sorrow and woe.
But just as sure as day becomes night,
This unseen enemy began its dread fight.
A bill or two she would forget to pay,
And coming back home she'd lose her way.
Then words said earlier, she would say again,
She could not remember the name of old friends.
This unseen enemy continued to rage.
And each new day was an unwelcome page.
And now she chatters the whole day long,
She has no idea that there's anything wrong.
This unseen enemy has done its work well,
It's destroyed her memory and left just a shell.
Friends, my prayer is that Lord, someday please,
We will find the cure to Alzheimer's Disease.

© 1997, Jerry Ham

e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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