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This Stranger in our House

There's a stranger in our house,
But she's one I used to know.
She loved me, fed me, clothed me,
And did her best to help me grow.
Her love was always there,
As I traveled though this life.
She beamed through tears of pride,
As she watched me take a wife.
Oh this one who's now a stranger,
At one time gave hugs and cheer.
And she was always ready,
To help dry a grandchild's tear.
But the years have long since passed,
And her memory's slipped away.
And now she talks unending,
To unseen people all the day.
This dear person is my mother,
I'll not whine, nor will I grouse.
For now it is my priveledge,
to love this stranger in our house.
© 1997, Jerry Ham

e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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