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The Promise of Easter

Easter bunnies, pretty new dresses,
Little girls with bonnets and tresses.
Boys decked out in a suit and tie.
Looking like they were about to cry.
Easter lilies stood proud and tall,
At sunrise services we d hear the call.
That's how it was in my childhood days.
I now look at Easter in different ways.
To me it's the promise of eternal life,
One that is free from turmoil and strife.
Mom will be free of the chains that bind,
And shadows that darken her once sharp mind.
She loved her God with all of her heart,
This terrible illness won't keep them apart.
This life she lives now is her darkest of nights,
Before she enters that wonderful light.
The Promise of Easter is what I hold dear.
That's when God wipes away her tears.

© 1999, Jerry Ham

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