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Friends, I have watched, read and felt the sorrow as it seems that so many of our Listmates have lost loved ones to this horrible disease we know as Alzheimers. I feel that the memories that we keep are like a garden in which are planted beautiful flowers that remind us of the good times that we had with our loved ones. I encourage you to keep those "flowers blooming" in your hearts and minds. Don't hang onto the negative memories that are like weeds that will drown out the positive memories of those we love. To that end, I wrote this yesterday afternoon. I hope that it will encourage, not only those who have lost loved ones, but also those of us who know that our day for sadness and grief is coming.

The Flowers that bloom

When flowers are in bloom, it's an awesome sight.
As they spread their petals to catch hold of the light.
We water and feed them, and take special care,
As we want their beauty to always be there.
The colors I see are a shock to behold,
They can blend together or stand out bold.
But if I get careless and forget to feed,
I open the door to some dark ugly weeds.
If left untended, they can block out the sun,
And before too long the damage is done.
That's how the memories are in my mind,
As back in the paths of the past I wind.
There is the good and there is the bad.
They both make up the life that I've had.
The question is, which one will hold sway?
Which one will I let take over my day?
Lord, give me the strength to only make room,
In the paths of my memory, for the flowers that bloom.

© 1999, Jerry Ham

e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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