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Yesterday something happened that has not happened in the more than three years that my mother has been living with us. It's expressed in the words below.

She hugged me!

My mother hugged me yesterday.
It was so unlike her, it blew me away.
The first several months she lived here with us,
She was terribly angry, and made such a fuss.
She made accusations that I won't repeat.
The language she used knocked me off of my feet.
As her memory faded, she lived more in the past.
As we tried hard, our feelings to mask.
Our names and faces she no longer knows,
We watch as farther in her childhood she goes.
She calls for her parents, with fear in her eyes.
If they don't answer, she sits there and cries.
Her speech is jumbled, her memories shattered
But just for a moment, none of that mattered.
She reached out her arms, and as I drew near,
What happened next nearly brought me to tears.
Something I had never expected to see,
She said, I love you. And then SHE HUGGED ME!

© 1999, Jerry Ham

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