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Straight from the Heart

Mama, I love you, I just want to say
Not just for today, but for now and always.
I look at the pictures of long ago years.
Memories bring on the smiles and the tears.
You were the beauty, I was the clown.
With smiles and laughter, we'd take on the town.
There were no problems that you could not mend.
You were my Hero, my mother and friend.
The War was just ending, but I didn't care.
All I knew was that my mother was there.
I knew not of the fighting to set others free,
Of course, this child was only just three.
Then a brand new dad came into my life,
When he talked you into becoming his wife.
Our lives grew richer because of this man.
He was strong and steady, with a kind gentle hand.
Then God sent you four more from above.
But through it all, you had plenty of love.
Now Dad is gone, and your children are grown.
And you go on in a world of your own.
In our separate worlds, we live far apart,
But Mama, I love you, straight from the heart.

© 1998, Jerry Ham

e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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