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Listmates, this idea occurred to me this afternoon. I know that our Memory Walk here in this area is next month. For some of you it takes place this month. Having experience the impact of this disease in our family, and reading about the way this disease has impacted many of my friends on this list, I plan on walking as far as my arthritic hip will let me. If I can make the full three miles, I'll feel great. I hope that many of you will also be able to participate in the Memory Walk in your area..

Please take a Hike

Please take a hike, I ask of my friends.
Please take a hike, I'll ask it again.
Now don't get mad, it's not what you think.
No, I'm not crazy, and I don't need a shrink.
I want to see Alzheimer's brought to an end.
Let's join the Memory Walk for family and friends.
The money that's raised is for a good cause.
Let's keep up the fight with hardly a pause.
A disease that destroys the young and the old,
Strikes fear in the heart and turns the blood cold.
It ruins lives and takes the memories away,
It controls what we do, and indeed what we say.
And so once again, I'll ask friends that I like,
Let's join our hearts and, please take a hike.

© 1998, Jerry Ham
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