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Mama, Mama, MAMA! Open your mouth.
To get her attention takes almost a shout.
Mama, Mama, MAMA! Here, take a drink.
With a glare on her face, she tries hard to think.
Who is this stranger who intrudes in her space,
Who calls her Mama, and gets in her face?
Mama, Mama, MAMA! Here take a bite.
The look in her face says, Go fly a kite.
At times it s a struggle to get her to eat,
By the time it is over, her spot's not so neat.
Mama, Mama, MAMA! Here, look this way.
I don t think I know you. Her eyes seem to say.
Mama, I love you. I say through my tears,
I m going to kill him. still rings in my ears.
All I can say is that I hope it's not me,
But, rather someone from her past that she sees.
Mama, Mama, MAMA! Here take your pills.
Sometimes it seems that it's a contest of wills.
Then comes the hour, when it's time for bed,
We get her all ready and she lays down her head.
We tell her we love her and have a good night.
She looks at her light, Oh that sun's really bright.
Alzheimer's Disease is the cause of this trauma.
Daddy killed me, so he can just go to MAMA!

© 1998, Jerry Ham
e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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