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Have you ever answered a question without really thinking of what you were saying, and then after a moment reflection, asked yourself, "why did I answer that question like that?"
Probably not, but I have. :-D And once in awhile, I think it does us good to poke fun at ourselves. Before I became a 24/7 caregiver a little over three years ago, I never really imagined that I would find myself doing some of the things that I am now doing for my mother. A couple of weeks ago, I was giving her a shower. The fact that she no longer knows who I am helps a great deal in that respect. While I was giving her the shower, the phone rang and a young lady asked to speak to my oldest son. This girl has been here before and knows that my mother has alzheimers. I told her that I thought my son was still sleeping. She then asked me if I could go wake him up. Without thinking, I replied, "I really can't, I'm in the shower with my mother." There was this long silence and then a soft "OH." It was then that I realised what I had said. My wife cracked up when I told her later about that conversation. For some reason I got to thinking about that this morning and that led to this poem. Hope that some of you can identify with it. :-D


OOPS! I did it again

OOPS! Good grief! I did it again.
I opened my mouth and put my foot in.
I jumbled my words; they came out all wrong.
The silence that followed seemed a little too long.
After a soft Oh, I knew then what I'd said
I could see, in the mirror, my face turning red.
If I would just think, before I speak out.
I would say what it was I was thinking about.
I knew well what it was that I wanted to say.
But that's not what came out that fateful day.
Do you have those days when nothing goes right,
From the time you get up until way late at night?
When you crawl into bed, you're hoping, it seems,
You'll wake up to find it was only a dream.
There are those days, when in my chagrin,
I say, OOPS! Good grief! I did it again.

© 1999, Jerry Ham

e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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