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Here is my wish for Christmas Day. In spite of our circumstances, may we have a joyous Christmas. May our hearts be lifted by the thought that we are not alone. There are indeed many of us that are going through this terrible illness together. Even though we may never meet face to face, yet we have become like family because of the situation we are going through. Thursday morning, my wife and I are going to Seattle to spend Christmas with her parents. We'll also be taking my mother with us. I have two brothers and one sister who live in the Seattle area and I've told them that due to mom's increasing inability to walk , if they want to see her, they will have to come to where we are. I hope that they will do so. In the meantime, I hope that all of you will have a Merry Christmas.

My Wish this Christmas Day

Gifts around the tree piled high,
Lights blinking merrily through the night.
Songs of Christmas play soft and low,
The moonlight reflecting off of the snow.
In just a short while the laughter will ring,
And children will ask, What did Santa bring?
The smells of breakfast soon fill the air.
It seems that happiness is everywhere.
Hugs and kisses are passed about.
Who found that mistletoe and got it out?
As I partake of this Christmas Day,
A couple of things I'll try to say.
A day of peace I wish for all,
May sadness not come round to call.
I wish for all a day so bright,
That there would be no room for night.
God bless, my friends, is all I can say.
This is my wish this Christmas Day.

© 1999 by Jerry Ham


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