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Fellow listmates, those of you who take care of loved ones in the later stages, have you wondered just who your loved one(s) see when they look at you and seem to look right through you. Last night, I got to thinking about how my mother can look right at me and not know who I am, and it led me to write this.

Mom, who do You see?

When you look at me Mom, who do you see?
Oh how I wish you could still talk to me.
The look in your eyes speaks of anger and fear.
What memory's so terrible it brings you to tears?
You turn your face, and you whisper dark threats.
It's easy to see that you worry and fret.
When you look at me Mom, who do you see?
In your far away world, just who could I be?
If just for a moment, I could break through the veil,
I would say that I love you, and I always will.
Why did this happen? Life's not always fair.
But Mom, God willing, I will always be there
. I guess there's no answers to what's bothering me.
I can't help but wonder Mom, who do you see?
© 1998, Jerry Ham
e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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