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Forgive me, but for one of the few times since I have been on the List, I am going to stray away from the topic of dementia. I would like to share this poem as a prayer for those in Littleton, Colorado. I'm sure that all of us were touched deeply by the scenes that we saw last week as the students fled from the schools. I will long remember the memorial service that was held for the victims and their families. My heart and prayers are with the people of Littleton as they go on saying good-by to their loved ones and friends that were so violently taken away from them. Never having lost a loved one or a friend to violence, I can't begin to imagine the pain that the families of those who were killed must be feeling. And for the survivors who will struggle to rebuild their lives, the days, months or even years ahead of them will be very difficult.

Much too young

They were much too young to be taken away.
But that's what happened that terrible day.
Hopes and dreams, once high, lay in tatters.
Hearts were broken, and families shattered,
Those who survived, the horror they saw,
As they had to watch their close friends fall.
Why them, and not me? They're tempted to ask.
To answer that question is an impossible task.
Our hearts go out to those parents and teens,
God, grant them peace from that horrible scene.
They will never forget, but Lord, give them rest.
Give them the strength to still live their best.
Though parting was bitter, Lord, touch their hearts.
From anger and hatred, let them live far apart.
We just can't explain what happened that day.
They were much too young to be taken away.

© 1999, Jerry Ham

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