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Memories are more than a link to the past.
Sometimes they're all we have that will last.
They remind us of people and things we held dear.
They bring smiles and laughter, and yes, sometimes tears.
Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and friends,
Are things I'll remember again and again.
The first fish I caught, my first ride on a bike.
That first special gift, from that person I liked.
Our hopes and dreams as we began our new life,
And yes, our first Christmas, as husband and wife.
Remember the plans for the future we made?
We'd walk hand in hand through the years, unafraid.
The vacations we took, oh we had so much fun.
We played and we laughed, and relaxed in the sun.
The years were so good, the life that we had.
Our love was made stronger in good times and bad.

But now things have changed, and my heart's full of fear.
I hold on to your hand as I weep bitter tears.
Slowly at first, then all too fast it does seem,
Alzheimer's is taking our hopes and our dreams.

Now comes the time when I must say good-bye.
My heart is breaking, and I can't help but cry.
But your suffering is over and that brings relief.
For if anything at all, it helps ease my grief.
Though this terrible disease had taken your mind.
The memories we made will always be mine.
No matter what others may do or may say,
Nothing will ever take those memories away.

© 1997, Jerry Ham
e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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