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Listmates, every day brings something new with this disease. I had thought that this phase - of wanting to know where her parents were - had passed. Yesterday I was surprised to hear my mother bring it up again. She is becoming more and more like a three year old child in her thinking. And as many of you have also experienced, it is a very painful process to watch.

I want my Daddy!

I want my daddy! I heard Mama say.
As I was helping her just yesterday.
The pain in her eyes was so easy to see,
And I felt her longing, as she made her plea.
I wanted to say, Mom, your daddy is gone.
But I knew in my heart, that it would be wrong.
She could not understand that her daddy had died.
If I tried to tell her, she would think I had lied.
Mama, where's Daddy? She asked once again.
I love my daddy, because he's my friend.
It's hard to deal with the pain that I feel.
I know in her world, her anguish is real.
I wanted to comfort, to take hold of her hands,
But she pulled away; I was but a strange man.
I sat her at the table, then as I turned away,
I want my Daddy! I heard Mama say.

© 1998, Jerry Ham
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