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watching mom the last two days, I found myself wishing that somehow time would stop and even reverse itself. I've asked why can't we go back to the years past when things seemed more normal? That led to this poem. :-)


If Time could stop

If time could stop for just an hour,
Would it halt the wilting of this precious flower?
If time could stop for just a day,
Would it halt this loved one's wasting away?
If time could stop for just a year,
Would it somehow help to dry my tears?
Time stops for no one, I've heard it said.
But my heart says something else instead.
It cries, Please stop and wait a while.
Let me return to when I was a child.
Let me go back to those strong arms,
That held me close and kept me from harm.
Once again Lord, let me see that smile,
That seemed to be as wide as a mile.
But I know full well, it cannot be,
The past is gone, it's the present I see.
Tomorrow's not promised to us today.
But God has said He knows the way.
So, what would I do, what would I say,
If indeed time could stop, just for a day?

© 1999, Jerry Ham

e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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