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Listmates, this happened to me yesterday while my wife and I were shopping. We had my mother with us, and because it was really warm, we took a break and got us all something to drink. Out of the blue, mom looked at me and whispered the words, " I love you." It took both my wife and me by surprise. Normally she doesn't say things like that to us as she doesn't know us any longer. But I responded in kind by saying, " I love you too.". The smile that I received made all the work and the caregiving that we've done for the last three and a half years worthwhile. Hope you like it.

I love You

She said, I love you. as I gave her a drink.
It was so unexpected that it caused me to think.
It's one of those blessings that God sometimes gives,
Which serve to lighten the days that we live.
There's no greater gift one person could bring,
Then three little words, that can make the heart sing.
Sometimes, we find those words hard to say,
But they can do much to make someone's day.
I love you too. I said with a smile.
She gave me a grin that made it all worthwhile.
Her memory is jumbled, I know that and yet,
She taught me a lesson, I hope not to forget.
Love's not just a word that we bandy about.
But it's also an action that we carry out.
The words I love you can reach one who's down.
They can touch the heart and erase a deep frown.
Lord help me to share with someone in need,
To say I love you, both in word and in deed.

© 1999, Jerry Ham

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