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If it weren't for the Clouds

I picked up the plates and walked to the sink.
As I rinsed off the dishes, I started to think.
What am I doing, tell me, why am I here?
Why is this happening? I swiped at a tear.
I reached for my coffee and took a big drink,
As I then realized I was close to the brink.
No one could have told me, when I was a boy,
Bugging my parents to buy a new toy.
That many years later, one day I would see,
The one taking care of my mother, it's me.
Whatever for? I would have replied.
She's strong and healthy! I would have cried.
Now, here we are, and yes, it is true.
I m doing things I never thought I would do.
What was I doing? Oh yes, the dishes.
As I washed away, I thought of my wishes.
I wished for a world that was happy and light,
I wished that the sun would always shine bright.
I wished that my mother were in her right mind,
I wished that each day held a treasure to find.
Then came the thought, My child, don't you know?
If it weren t for the clouds, you'd miss the rainbow.
Yes, storms will come, and they can be fierce.
And on occasion, your heart they will pierce.
But without the clouds, you'd live out your life,
Not knowing the healing that comes after strife.
Your mother is ill, and now it's your turn,
To take care of her. And yes, you will learn.
To appreciate life's lessons, it sometimes takes trials.
You may indeed struggle for quite a long while.
But My grace will help you throughout this ordeal.
And you will learn that My strength is real.
The dishes are done, on mom's face there's a smile.
Some might say it's as wide as a mile.
I love you mom. as I give her a kiss.
If it weren't for the clouds, what would I have missed?

©1998, Jerry Ham
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