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Listmates, last Saturday we received a letter from Joanne Ricketts. Her mother had passed away the previous Thursday night. The heading of her letter was "God's Newest Angel." Her letter and the heading she gave, led me to write this poem, hope you like it. Jerry Ham

God's Newst Angel

Jesus stood smiling with arms opened wide.
And millions of angels were standing nearby.
A brand new arrival was heading their way.
And as they waited, you could hear them say.
"She fought hard and long, don't you agree?
"And now she's coming, her Savior to see."
"Lord, how long?" they were heard to ask.
"Until she is here, in God's presence to bask?"
"It won't be long" was His soft reply.
"Just a few more seconds, then home she'll fly."
The angels grew silent as they waited to hear.
But there was no sorrow, nor was there a tear.
Then came the shout, "She's on her way!"
God's newest angel they welcomed that day.

© 1998, Jerry Ham
e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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