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My friends and fellow listmates. While I was in nursing school, which seems an eternity ago now, I worked in a nursing home. I remember that we had one or two episodes of confused patients wandering off and getting lost. I remember the concerns and the fears of the families involved as they waited and prayed for their relative to be found and brought back safe and sound. And I've heard other stories since then and even since I joined this list of loved ones wondering off.
That's the basis for this poem. I hope you like it.
Jerry Ham

A Christmas Angel

Christmas Eve dawned bright and clear,
But the couple's eyes were filled with tears.
Her father was missing, they had heard that day,
He'd opened the door and just walked away.
No one knew where he might have gone.
The unanswered question, what went wrong?
A husband, a father, and father in law,
Who, in his youth, had stood so tall.
But now his memory was almost destroyed,
And so he became like a lost little boy.
Alzheimer's Disease was taking his life,
Three years ago, it had taken his wife.
Where would he go, and better yet why?
The questions were asked through tear-stained eyes.
Throughout the day the family prayed,
Yet the phone so silent stayed.
Through that long night, their sleep came hard,
The Christmas lights could not cheer the heart.
As dawn broke through the cloud filled sky,
The couple knelt by their bed and cried.
"Lord, we love that sweet old man,
Please send an angel to take his hand.
And bring him home Lord, safe and sound,
Please give us hope he will be found."
Then quietly out the window they stared,
And wondered how he was doing out there.
Then came a voice so soft and low,
A voice that called, "Hello? Hello?"
The door was opened and there he stood,
With a childlike smile from under his hood.
"Is this my home?" He finally asked.
The joy they felt could not be masked.
"An angel led me," He told them then.
"He said that here, I would find a friend."
With thankful hearts they brought him in,
And knew that Christmas could now begin.
The carols were sweeter, the lights were brighter,
And hearts full of joy were so much lighter.
An answer to prayer, they would always say,
God sent them an angel that Christmas day.

© 1997, Jerry Ham
e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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