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I know that this is not a Christmas poem, but I think that the Safe Return Bracelet may be one of the best gifts that we could give to one of our loved ones with dementia. Though it is no guarantee, yet it could just make a difference between a loved one being found and returned home safely, or not being found at all until it is too late. I wrote this in response to a request from the director of the local Alzheimer's Chapter. He asked me if I could write a poem - if possible - having to do with wandering. A fellow listmate asked me to also share this with the list, so here it is. :-)

A tiny little Bracelet

A tiny little bracelet,
Thin and narrow though it be.
May one day make a difference,
Between what is and might well be.
If a loved one wants to wander,
Out the door and beyond the gate.
There may be nothing we can do,
Except to worry, watch and wait.
But if indeed the bracelet,
With a number etched inside,
Is wrapped about the arm,
It may save the tears we cry.
A safe return we hope to see,
Of the loved one who is lost.
The value of that small bracelet,
May be more than worth the cost.

© 1999, Jerry Ham
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