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For all of my special friends on this list. God bless you.

A New Year's Thought

We've seen the passing of another year.
For many it's been filled with pain and tears.
We've seen our loved ones in their decline.
We've had to accept that they won't be fine.
Some of us had to say good bye,
To a long time loved one, and we've all cried.
But there have been times in this past year,
That certain events have brought us cheer.
Who can forget Stan's "Share My Tears"?
It was one of the bright spots of this past year.
And Edyth Ann's poem describing her capers,
And everyone asking for adoption papers.
Let's not forget Jack's "Yesterdaze."
I'm not sure, did we start a craze?
There is Stephanie and JoJo, Dan and Geri,
And others who have helped when we were weary.
There is Vi and Carly, Gino and Sealy,
And from Australia, there's Aussie and Jenny
There is Liz, and Doni, Boots and Daisy,
Friends with whom I've laughed myself crazy.
There are so many others that are on this list,
And I know there's names I will have missed.
But better friends I could not have bought.
And here is just a New Year's thought.
If it were possible that a wish could come true,
Then this is my New Year's wish for you.
May the coming year be full of hope,
And may we be given the strength to cope.
Let courage, faith and patience abound.
And let us pray that a cure will be found.
And now at the close of another year,
My friends, I wish you a Happy New Year.

©1997, Jerry Ham
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