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A Mother's sweet Kiss

Where has she gone, this mother I knew,
Who would hold me and hug me, and say I love you?
Where has she gone, this woman who cared,
Who, in spite of my protest, would still brush my hair?
Where has she gone, this woman whose love,
Was but a sample of God's love from above?
Where has she gone, this woman whose kiss,
Along with her counsel and smile I now miss?
My mother has gone to a world far away,
In a far different time, and a far different day.
It's a world that's made up of anger and fear,
It's a world that brings forth her sad bitter tears.
Where has she gone? I know not the place.
I only see the tears on her face.
But the time is coming when I know I will see,
That the place she is now, is not where she'll be.
On that wonderful day, she'll no longer be missed.
But instead she will greet me with a mother's warm kiss.

© 1998, Jerry Ham
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