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Hi fellow listmates.
Just wanted to send this to you for Mother's Day. I know it is still a week and a half away yet, but I remember that there were times in my younger days, when my mother would have no idea of where I would be and she would not hear from me for months at a time. Of course we now have my mother living with us, and it will not matter to her what day it is. But I just wanted to encourage those of us who have mothers who are still with it enough to know who we are and what's going on around them to give them a big hug, especially on Mothers Day.

A Mother's Dream

The coffee was steaming as he brought in the tray.
He said, Good morning, Happy Mother's Day.
With a soft loving smile, he set the tray down,
Then helping her sit up, he smoothed out her gown.
She gasped as she saw the single red rose.
And cried as she read the card with its prose.
Mother, I love you, and have all these years,
And I hope this day brings you nothing but cheers.
He held on to her hand as he pulled up a chair,
And gently he stroked her face and her hair.
As he leaned close to kiss her old wrinkled face
She awoke to find no one else in this place.
It was all just a dream, she knew in her heart,
For too many years, they'd been far apart.
No angry words, just a job here and there,
He was always so busy with no time to spare.
Oh, over the years, he had written her some,
But she still prayed that one day he'd come.
And now all alone, her eyes filled with tears,
She was so tired, and her heart full of fear.
She was now old and her time was'n t long,
She knew that soon, her life would be gone.
Then in the stillness, she heard a soft squeak,
And as the door opened, she saw eyes shyly peek.
The coffee was steaming as he brought in the tray.
And he said. Good morning, Happy Mother's Day.

© 1997, Jerry Ham

e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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