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A Great Thanksgiving Day

They sought to survive in a harsh new land,
They could only do it with a helping hand.
The natives showed them what to do.
What they gave was a friendship true.
That first Thanksgiving had no TV,
No fancy parades, or games to see.
They gave thanks for what they had,
For a bountiful harvest, their hearts were glad.
Thanks for help God sent their way.
For helping them live to see this day.
That first Thanksgiving was long ago.
What they had learned would help them grow.
The years have passed and we're here today.
If you're asked to give thanks, what will you say?
To be really truthful, sometimes it's hard.
Let me share with you what's on my heart.
Thank you Lord for all You have done.
Thank you Lord for my wife and my sons.
Thank you for friends both far and near,
Who give encouragement year after year.
Lord, bless their homes this day I pray.
May they have a great Thanksgiving Day.

© 1998, Jerry Ham

e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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