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I wrote these a few years ago. I would wish that all of our mothers with AD were able to come round to the point where they could know what day it is and what they mean to us. But to them, and to all of you mothers, and to those of you who now find yourselves taking on the role of being a mother to your loved one or even your parent,
Happy Mother's Day.

An Answer to Prayer

She kneels at her sofa, though she's up in years,
And prays for her children, her eyes moist with tears.
Her sons and daughters have gone their own way.
She hopes they'll come back to see her this day.
Her tears overflow as she remembers the past.
How could the years have gone by so fast?
It seems like just yesterday, the children were young.
The house rang with laughter, they had so much fun.
The bumps and the falls, and those skinned up knees.
The pigtails, the freckles, and voices that teased.
Oh there were the fights, the howls and the screams.
The cries late at night, when they had those bad dreams.
There was also the church, where they went so long.
Where hearts joined in worship, voices lifted in song.
"Those days were good." She laughs in her heart.
"It's such a shame, that we're now far apart."
The door opens slowly, she hears not a sound.
Feet glide across carpet, as they gather around.
Then she opens her eyes with a start.
As she looks around her, great joy fills her heart.
She sees all her children, and their children too.
They clap and shout, "Happy Mothers Day to you."
With much rejoicing, she hugs everyone there.
"Thank you dear God. It's an answer to prayer."

© 1993, Jerry Ham

e-mail: Jerry.Ham@werner-saumweber.de

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