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Listmates. Being that today is the first day of 1999 (Does that seem as strange to you as it does to me?) this is my wish for the year. I hope that we are able to see some of our fondest wishes come true. May God smile on us this year.

Nineteen Ninety-Nine

The year is nineteen ninety-nine.
Will these twelve months to us be kind?
Will science make tremendous gains.
In treating diseases that bring us pain?
Alzheimer's, Picks, and other things,
Will a cure for these, this next year bring?
Dare we ask the question, what will it take,
To blot the tears, joyous hearts to make?
To see our loved ones retain their thoughts.
To heal the pain disease has brought.
The year is nineteen ninety-nine,
Will these twelve months to us be kind?

© 1999, Jerry Ham

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